If the dog bites them, is the pet sitter responsible?

When a dog bites another person in Washington, the owner is nearly always held responsible. The owner would be financially liable for the victim’s injuries as long as the victim was lawfully on private property or in a public space.

However, responsibility is not always obvious when the animal is in the care of another individual. As long as you did not irritate the dog while viewing it, you might file a lawsuit against the owner if you got hurt while doing so.

What Happens If a Pet Sitter Gets Bit by a Dog?

If a dog bite lawyer someone else, the owner is accountable. Whether the dog has a violent past or a history of bites, this liability still applies. Even if an owner leaves their pet in the care of a pet sitter, they would still be responsible for any accidents that happen while the pet is being cared for.

A dog’s owner might be sued by a pet sitter who is bitten while caring for the animal. However, if the sitter took any actions that made the dog more likely to bite, then they might be partially responsible for the incident. We can help you with dog bite injury lawyer.

Comparative Negligence in Dog Bite Cases in Washington

An owner facing legal action may claim that a pet sitter contributed to the dog’s bite in order to safeguard his or her possessions. The owner may be able to reduce the amount of damages that must be paid if they can demonstrate some level of partial culpability. The lawsuit could be completely dismissed in specific circumstances.

Washington is a state with just comparative fault. In accordance with this law, if the victim or plaintiff bears some responsibility for the dog bite, the court will lower the settlement amount. The plaintiff’s share of blame will be reflected in this decrease. Whether the victim is 90% or 10% at fault for the bite, they are still eligible for compensation.

Say, for instance, that following a dog bite, a pet sitter sues a dog owner for $20,000 in damages. However, the court learns that the dog went without food or water for a few days, which led to the animal being anxious. The sitter is found to be 70% at blame by the court. As a result, rather than paying the sitter the whole $20,000, the owner would only need to pay them $6,000.

Bite While Watching Your Pets? Consult a dog bite injury lawyer
After a dog bite, you as a pet sitter can find yourself in the perplexing area of legal liabilities. Many of these organizations do not cover accidents brought on by animals, even if you were hired by them to monitor someone’s dog. You need a dog bite lawyer on your side who can fight for your right to recovery in these circumstances.

Dog bite lawyer toronto can protect you against claims of negligence and make the owner liable for all of your losses. After an assault, speak with a lawyer as soon as you can to find out more about your legal alternatives.