Can Breed Affect How a Dog Bite Case Turns Out?

Regardless of the breed of dog that bit you, a dog bite may be quite distressing. Infections, scars, deformity, and other permanently disabling injuries are frequent among victims. Dog bite victims in Canada have the right to sue the owners of their hazardous pets in order to receive compensation for their losses, including medical expenses.

You might be curious about how the breed of the dog will impact the outcome of your insurance claim or dog bite lawsuit with our dog bite injury lawyer. Despite the fact that breed-specific prohibitions are not legal in Canada, there are some potential problems with your argument.

Dog bite laws in Canada

Section 16.08.040 of the Revised Code of Canadadefines dog bite legislation in Canada. This act holds dog owners completely responsible for any bite wounds sustained by a person who is lawfully on private property or in a public space.

This implies that regardless of whether carelessness was present, an owner is always liable for a dog bite in certain circumstances. This laws treats all dog breeds equally, thus whether the dog was a pit bull or a chihuahua, the owner would be responsible for any injuries it caused.

Only biting injuries are covered by this strict liability rule; other sorts of injuries are not. If a dog bit you or knocked you to the ground, for example, you must demonstrate that the owner’s negligence caused the harm you experienced with dog bite lawyer

Is There Breed-Specific Law in Canada?

The state of Canadaoutlawed breed-specific laws in 2019. Several Canada communities had laws in effect that limited the ownership of potentially harmful breeds before this law was passed.

Now, a city or county government must provide a way for dogs to complete the American Kennel Club’s canine good citizen exam before it can implement breed-specific laws or designate a dog hazardous. Dogs who pass the good citizen exam are exempt for at least two years from any breed-specific laws.

The Dog Breed Can Affect Your Insurance Claim
The breed of your dog might not influence your capacity to bring a lawsuit, but it might limit your ability to submit an insurance claim. Certain dog breeds are excluded from coverage by several homeowners’ insurance providers, including the following:

Dane dogs
the pit bull
Shepherd dogs
Slavic huskies
Malamutes from Alaska
You would not be qualified to make this kind of claim if you were bitten by a breed of dog that the owner’s insurance does not cover. Instead, you would need to file a lawsuit and proceed with civil court action.

Speak with a dog bite lawyer in Canada

You may experience severe trauma if you are a victim of a dog attack. These creatures are capable of causing severe, life-altering injuries and psychological trauma because to their powerful jaws and sharp fangs. You should receive justice under these circumstances.

A dog bite lawyer toronto can defend you in a lawsuit against the animal’s owner to get you just recompense for your damages. As soon as you can after the attack, speak with a lawyer to go through your legal alternatives and start your claim.